Friday, May 16, 2014

I Believe

For English class this semester our 2nd paper was supposed
to be about the statement "I Believe".

It was not supposed to be religious, but rather
something philosophical that we believe in.  A creed.
A knowledge that has grown in our hearts.

Immediately I knew what mine would be. Last night
we went to class and all of us had our "rough drafts"
of this paper picked apart and shredded by classmate
reviews.  It's super fun to have people shred your work,
but that's how we learn.


This morning I learned that Cholangio had claimed yet
another husband, father, brother, son, uncle (person).

It was one of the CC wives husbands, our little

Facebook support group.

It rocked my world, another reminder of what is
walking our way.  

Tears poured down my face for this family, and my own.

My heart goes out to them in a deep and profound way.

I "get this."


So today my family heads off on a mini adventure.

Kyle has another #bucketlist item that needs 
crossing off and we are seizing the opportunity
while we have the time, striking while the iron is
hot, carpe diem, as they say.


I leave you with my Rough Draft essay of 
"I Believe" for your weekend reading, in all it's
grammatical mistake glory.


I Believe…
Cancer changes everything.  After months of doctor visits and unanswered questions about my husband’s health, we finally had an answer that was the last thing we ever expected to hear.  He had cancer.  Not only did he have cancer, but it was metastatic and terminal.  There would be no cure, only palliative treatment to “prolong his life.”  This news took our breath away, it knocked us to our knees,  it shattered the world we once knew into a million tiny different pieces.   Cancer changes everything, this I know.  Here is what I have come to believe.  Cancer has shown me the goodness of human nature, the most pure love of friends and strangers, and it has taught me that there is more goodness in our world than bad.
Often times I think we look around at the world and panic about its state of affairs.  We are told that things are precariously dangerous and that there is more evil than good.  I am not swayed by that argument.  In 14 months I have seen more goodness than bad, more kindness than hate, and more love than not.  As our family wept and held on to one another for dear life in the beginning, a strange thing started happening.  The news of my husband’s diagnosis spread like wildfire via social media and text messages and people started showing up.  Love and kindness started pouring in from friends and family, both near and far.
Our life went from orderly chaos to instantaneous disorder in the beat of a heart.  What once passed for a schedule with things that included work, carpools, and life, soon became lost in the changes that cancer created.  New words, strange chemotherapies, visits to the Huntsman center and making friends with people who had no hair, became common place in the hardest of journeys.
What we saw amazed us.  Instead of being greeted by sadness and despair in the infusion rooms at the Huntsman Cancer Center, we found laughter and friendship and joy.  We met people from all walks of life that had not chosen this battle, the cancer, but when the battle chose them, they fought it with courage and grace.  We met angels disguised as nurses and doctors, people who loved those they treated during the toughest challenge many of them would ever face. 
We connected with strangers across the country via social media, those who walked this same journey.  They laughed with us, they cried with us, and we now call them friends.  There have been countless acts of love and service provided in the way of meals, babysitting children, and grocery shopping when we could not do what were once simple tasks.  There have been fundraisers set up to help us pay staggering medical costs.  There have been texts and phone calls and anonymous gifts left on our doorstep.

Through it all, there have been people with us every step of the way.  There has been enough goodness to take our breath away again, to bring us to our knees and to make the tears flow freely.  Cancer changes everything, but I believe that the goodness of mankind, the kind hearts of human beings and the true love of people outshine any bad we have come across on this journey.  I believe that there is far more good in our world than bad, and this has been proven to me over and over again in my life during the past 14 months.


This I Believe.....really and truly believe.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and
hold the ones you love a little tighter and tell
them you care!

And that's what I've got for today. 

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