Saturday, February 22, 2014

Go Big or Go Home

Well, the news is in.

Kyle called the doctor this week to find out 
the "new chemo plan"
since I cannot attend chemo with him anymore so that
we could talk about whatever decision the doctor made
and see what we thought before Monday when Kyle
heads back to chemo again.

(that is a terrible and long run on sentence...
which I don't have the energy to fix and re-write.)

Dr. S. wants to try and push Kyle through this 
last round* of Gem/Cis (even with, and in spite of,
his poor blood counts and bad reactions now).

(His plan could change at any given point however
depending on SO many factors.  Remember: cancer = rolling 
the dice, a lot.  So he's rolling big.  
Go big or go home, right?)

(*A full round would be 2 weeks on and 1 week
off for 3 sets--so 9 weeks total.) 

Clear as mud?

The most telling news will be if he survives this
next round on Monday.  I say that in jest (hopefully!)

I told him to take someone with him to chemo
to keep an eye on him since we know
of two people who had "the next round" of this chemo
AFTER an allergic reaction of hives and went into
anaphylactic shock in the chemo chair. 

(doesn't that sound fun? no, it doesn't)

So they will watch him closely and send him home
with an extra steroid pack to fight any chance
of hives again and/or anything else this could bring.

The big test will be his blood work pre-chemo to
see if his numbers have bounced back into the 
"normal he can get a full dose of both chemos" range.

So we're off to see what Monday brings.

Fingers crossed for good blood work.

Fingers crossed for good reactions.

Fingers just crossed.



And in NON cancer related news?

I took my math mid-term today.

I got 96% people.



(And no I didn't cheat.  Which incidentally
is the first question my sister asked me! ha ha)

I studied hard and cursed a little under my
breath and plowed right through my test.

I still hate math, but I will not let it win! (ha ha)

I am pretty darn proud of myself.


And that's what I've got for today!

We're BOTH going big and not going home just yet.

(thank you very much!)


  1. Congrats on the math test! Also thinking many good thoughts that the chemo is mostly uneventful.