Monday, February 3, 2014

National Cancer Awareness Day

Hey Guys.

I'll admit it.

I'm pooped.

It's been a long, hard haul for me (I'm a wimp and a
baby and freely admit both).

Starting a 40 hour a week work (8-5 everyday)
is long and new and different and wipes me out.

Doing school (math this semester) is slowly
turning what's left of my brain into mush.

Oatmeal.  Cream of Wheat.  The stuff
a 6 month old baby's diet is made of.

That's my brain now.

But we press forward.
(And by "we", I mean "I")

Tomorrow is National Cancer Awareness Day and
February is Cholangiocarinoma Awareness month.

It's only fitting Kyle is putting on his
(green) "Cancer Kicks" AKA running shoes
and heading up to the Huntsman "Cocktail Lounge"
AKA Clinic 2A, or the "Infusion Room" tomorrow
to continue on with chemo.

I'm sending him off alone while I go to work.

Brain Mush + Heart Twinge = Sad wife/mother.

Someone go keep him company please.

Bring him a treat.

Or lunch.

Or tell him a joke and make him laugh.

And so, we (and by "we" I mean "we") go 
forward into "Battle Mode" again and see
where it takes us.

I had strep this weekend and spent the entire
two days in bed feeling sorry for myself.

My throat was on fire.  I couldn't talk
or eat or swallow.  The one day (Saturday)
I save and cherish for Kyle and a "date"
was scraped this weekend in favor of me getting
better by staying in bed.  (No sick days at
work yet).  So in bed I stayed, napping
and generally feeling miserable.

But there *IS* great news in all of this!

What is the "GREAT NEWS" you ask????

As of Saturday we now have Medical Insurance 
again--so that means I can get treated.

And Kyle can get treated and so my long hours
of work and being gone all day are paying off
in a big way.

Work = Insurance for my family.

And that my friends is good good good news.

Even "Great News."

Show your support of someone you have known,
or loved, or love, or have lost, or are supporting now
and send them a message and do something
to remember them.  Hold them in your heart, tightly,
closely, this month of remembrance.

And that's what I've got for today.

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