Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Last Shout Out for Salsa Sunday.....

One last shout out for
Salsa Sunday...

Come celebrate with us
tomorrow from 6 pm til the 
food runs out or we go to bed.

If you want to bring a treat or
something to share?  


If you want to just show up 
and hug Kyle?

That's fabulous too.

Please come celebrate and
give a shout out to this
guys who's still standing
after 18 months, 1 port surgery,
countless hours of chemotherapy, 
2 rounds of Y 90, several
biopsies, doctor visits
too numerous to count, blood
draws and needle sticks
that are not for the weak-hearted,
vomiting, weight loss, weight gain,
hair thinning, exhaustion, chemo
brain and more...

Through it all he does it with
a good attitude, a heart of gold
and a smile.  I admire his
grace so very much as he's travelled
this road...he's been a fabulous
example of love and strength
and courage to me and the kids.

So lets celebrate a life
that deserves celebrating!

That's what I've got...

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