Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Run a 5K with Team Kyle, or walk, or jog....

For those of you not on Facebook, Kyle was asked by an old 
friend Ann Smith (who's son passed away last year from 
liver cancer--the "other kind" not CC) to participate in
a fundraiser 5K.

I want to clarify right off the bat that NONE of the monies
raised are for our family.  They are for a program called
The Giving Tree.

We were recipients of a "Giving Tree" when Kyle was first

It is a tree tied with some Gift Cards, some money and
some encouraging notes for people who have been diagnosed
with cancer. (I believe liver cancer--could be wrong)

Anyway....it's not too late to sign up.  Lots of family
and some friends are going to participate.  I will
add the link if anyone is interested.  Sign ups are today
through August 10 (for the $25 price and Team Kyle Superman
blue T shirt) and $30 the day of the race.

Come support a GREAT cause that gives so much back.

There is also a 1 mile walk I just saw (which may work for
Kyle as this race is the day after chemo for him!)

All information is also on Facebook under the Team Kyle 
facebook page!  Thanks in advance to any who participate!

Here is all the information:
(click link)

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