Sunday, October 27, 2013

A little of this and a little of that

Gosh, I wish I had something fabulous to say.

I think my mind is fried with all the things
that have been happening in our lives.

My creative spirit has taken a sabbatical.

Hopefully it returns soon.

I have a few dates to share re: Kyle and treatment
so take notes if you're of the note taking kind.

The Doctors have put him BACK ON chemo for a few weeks
since the Radiation took so long to approve.

And get to.

He will be "on the juice" again this Friday and next.

I am soooooo thrilled I can actually go with him
on Friday for one week.  (School is out= I am off work!)

Hip Hip Hooray!


His Y 90 "Mapping" for the radiation
procedure is November 4th up at Huntsman.

Simply stated (and there is absolutely NOTHING 
technical about my explanation--you wouldn't 
understand it if I said it 
in medical terms anyway, so why bother?)
this procedure will place 
"fake beads" via the same surgical procedure used
for radiation to see how his liver and blood 
and blood flows all work.  They don't want any beads
flowing OUT of the liver to other areas of his
body.  (This is a bad thing)
So they will track (hence "map") what happens
to the beads via ultrasound for this procedure.
They want all beads to remain IN the liver.
Killing tumor cells.


If he is still a candidate (and yes! he could
get axed even after this if things aren't flowing
right when they "map" him.) his Y 90 will be
November 19th.  Apparently it took a LOT of work
(we will call it creative scheduling) to get
him in even on this date.  The radiologist is
full/booked and very busy and they had to 
put him a spot and 'make it work.'

So if all goes well on Nov 4--he's off to be
microwaved, er radiated, on Nov 19th.


We are both excited AND nervous.  Reactions to
Y 90 vary from great to well, dead.  Unfortunately
no one knows where Kyle will fall on the 'good scale'.

Of course we all hope and pray that the scales
tip in our favor and he has the best possible 
outcome.  With cancer, however, nothing is a
guarantee.  Ever.  We're pulling for 'great!"
and telling bad/dead it can wait a while to come
for him. 


In other news, I have learned to love my non
verbal autistics, even when they try and give
me a haircut, bite me, and wipe feces on me.

What can I say?  My future path toward Social
Work or Child Life Specialist seems to be a 
good path to head down.

A long path, but a good path that fits me 
as a person and what I love.

You can call me crazy...I do it often enough
these days.



In other, other news?  I am making straight A's 
in school.  It's A LOT of work and time (like
a 2nd part time job) but I feel proud that even
through all of this I am accomplishing something

Next semester when I'm in Math?  Ask me
again how I makes me feel like
vomiting at the moment.


Best news yet?

I have not had a nervous breakdown.

We celebrate the small things people.


Still looking for a full time job.
With benefits.


That's all I have in my head today, it's not
much ...but it's some important updates about
Kyle and treatment.

Say a prayer or two, send out some good vibes.
Dance in the rain, sing in your car.  

We take any and all of it these days.

And that's what I've got, not much.


  1. So when is a good evening to come visit - or is Saturday or Sunday best? I am so praying and wishing and shouting to the good man above for great things only to come to both of you. Straight A's girl? That is awesome and I bet you will be surprised how well you'll do with math - you've got Josh to help. Just love you guys and pray for you always.

  2. Hey I did Child Life! It will be fun to see if you choose it!