Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Looking for work

Just a PSA.

Dorien is looking for a full time job with benefits.

(I have a part time job, but no benefits right now)

Just thought I would put this out in all of my
public places.

I need a job.

If anyone knows of anything, let me know.


I can send a resume out to you as well.

I have 20+ years of customer service experience
and 14+ years of running my own at home business

Plus lots of life experience.
(That doesn't count for anything)

Nights are out because of school this first
year.   School is very important to me.

If I don't have a nervous breakdown first
shouldering all the loads I will be shouldering.

(If I do, please come visit me in the
mental hospital.)

Please help me keep an eye and ear out.

People always ask how they can help.

Prayers are great...but right now we need some
eyes and ears on this one thing.

Thanks very much!


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