Saturday, April 26, 2014

This chemo is another bad word I just won't say that starts with a "B" and sounds like "Witch"

This chemo is a B.....bad, brutal, barbaric, vicious,
merciless, take no prisoners kinda chemo.

Well besides the obvious fact that this chemo is
named "5FU" is also a brutal beast of a chemo
on Kyle.

The first few days while it's pumping in aren't TOO
bad, but by Wednesday night he got in his bed
and LITERALLY could not move.  

He was wiped out from exhaustion, he felt sick,
he felt like he had the flu, had been hit by a Mack
Truck, was sick to his stomach, he threw up, touching
and eating cold things hurt and felt like electric
shocks going through him.

And he looked awful.

More "sick" than he's looked since, well, forever.

We knew Round Two of this chemo would be worse, 
but I guess we've been spoiled because chemo 
has never ever wiped him out like this before.

Never. Ever.

But this time it did.

He bottomed out on Thursday and said he felt 
"Just Plain Crappy" (Which for HIM by the way is
admitting a lot!)

His "Just Plain Crappy" is a regular persons
"Death Warmed Over."

After a few days of living in the "World of What 
Regular Chemo Patients Feel Like"...he's making 
a comeback today.

He's sipping a Dt Coke on the couch and getting 
ready to move this Saturday morning.

5FU?  I'm not sure I like you very much.

I'm not sure Kyle likes you very much either.

I am seeing several reasons now why this chemo
was aptly named.  

However, if you're in there blasting some cancer
cells to death?  We've decided you can stay around
for a little bit longer.

Time will tell.

That's our update for today.

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