Monday, July 7, 2014

Just a practical update

Well chemo did not go off without a hitch today.

Kyle's white cells (the newborn baby white cells)
and his platelets are not loving the 5FU so much.

His white counts were technically too low to even do
chemo once again (remember we had to skip last week
as well for this problem)

After a short huddle with the doctors and pharmacists
and PA's it was decided to go ahead anyway with the 
5FU and skip one "push" of the drug they usually do.

(So if you're sick?  Don't come anywhere near our 
house right now.)

Chemo started VERY late and ran even later so I got
the added bonus of heading up after work and hanging
out with the usual suspects (Heidi, Dave and Mark).

We had a lovely heated and respectful discussion
about religion and stuff.


Kyle has been approved for Y90 and will have
it done on July 23rd to (hopefully) annihilate the
tumors on the OTHER side of his liver.

(Last November he had the right side blasted, 
now it will be the left...or maybe its visa versa?!)

Either way, his theme song "Radioactive" will be
played at full blast in his honor and he will
start answering to the nick name "Bead Boy"
(thanks Jared) once again!


After that it's a relaxing week at the beach....where
he may have no energy for anything more than relaxing.

Although he HAS been googling "Sand Sculptures" 
once again and planning which tools to take so he
and his siblings can blow you all out of the water
once again with their amazing sand skillz!


So there you have it...

A practical update.

It's what I've got for today.


  1. I love that song, and think that's the most appropriate, rockin' idea ever! Good choice! Sorry that Kyle isn't feeling too perky, but it sounds like sun and sand are in his future, and that's a great thing.
    Love to you and yours,

  2. Dorien, I am sorry your family has to take this journey. My husband was diagnosed September 24, 2013 and lost the fight July 15, 2014. Your blog has helped me through.