Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Usual and The Unusual

Yesterday we finished another round of chemo.

Kyle turned his usual grayish greenish yellow.

No ifs, ands or buts about it--
he looks awful in that color.

We had the usual steady stream of visitors.

We got in the usual trouble with the nurses
for having too many visitors.

It was just a usual chemo day.

What was unusual about the day,
was going to another Doctor
appointment AFTER chemo.

Yesterday was the 'big day'.

Our meeting with the interventional radiologist.

He was a super nice kid.

Ya, kid.  All these doctors are starting to be
younger and smarter than us.

But we liked him.
I dare say we liked him a lot.
Liking your doctor is a really good thing.
Especially when you have cancer.

He's a Montana boy  moved to the big city.
Lots of big cities, to be a doctor.

He discussed all the treatment options with us.

Explained the pros and cons.



Then he said, "Go home and think about it, 
it's your decision."

There are always pros and cons with both things.

I asked what he would do if it were HIS wife,
or his child, or HIM sitting in the chair.

He gave us his opinion.

Who knows what that means, right?

We have some big decisions ahead of us.

I'm not sure how we will decide what the next
step is.

I mean we have, and will, research and think
and discuss and digest.  This is just
a huge step in a direction and it makes me
nervous to 'choose wrong'.

It is an unusual time in our lives.


Kyle's PET scan is next week.

We peek at how things are growing, or not
growing, inside of him.

As usual, we hope for shrinkage or stable.

Stable works too.

In this instance, we hope for nothing unusual.


In other news, I had another interview for
another job on Thursday.  I came home CERTAIN
I had bombed the interview.  Kyle (who 
interviews and hires people all the time) even
told me I said "all the wrong things".

I was honest.  I guess you're supposed to 'lie'
and make yourself look good.  How was I supposed
to know that?

I laughed and said it's all good experience.

While we were at chemo on Friday, they called 
and offered me the position.

I don't know what to do.

I have no connections with magic balls or 
magic answers at the moment.

There are pros and cons (just like with Kyle 
and HIS choices) with both of my job options.

It has been a rather unusual year with lots
of hard decisions so far.


It has been a week full of things both 
usual and unusual things.

Which, now that I have typed those words out
and said them in my brain so many times, they 
BOTH sound unusually weird to me.


We hope to have a week with some answers.

We will take them anyway we can get them.

In usual ways, or unusual ways... makes no difference to us.


And that's what I've got for today.


Hey, it could be worse right?  My sister
texted me from Arizona last night.  They
flew in for my nieces (other) wedding 

She said it was 106 degrees at 9 p.m.

Her husband told her to turn the AC up in the
car it was so hot.

The bad news?

The AC was already full blast on the coldest

I actually will take grayish yellowish green
chemo days over 106 degrees at 9 pm---
any day of the week!

I'm counting my blessings.

And see?  I certainly have many! ;)

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