Sunday, November 10, 2013

Calling all dog lovers

Battynurse (sorry I don't know your real name)
because I always keep my promises (or try to lately)
and because you you go...

Presenting Ruby.

This is our Goldendoodle, 'Ruby the doodle'.

Goldendoodles are just that..."doodles".

They are somehow not the brightest tools
in the shed and brilliant all in the same
breath.  Their personalities are endearing
and loving and gentle and kind and derpy.  
They LOVE "their people"...if you are one of 
your "doodle's people", prepare to be loved.

Loved as in, full body wiggle when you come home
from anywhere.  As in they stand whining
on the couch when you leave them.

They are silly and goofy and make you laugh.

You may think she is a dog, but alas if you 
were to meet Ruby you would quickly learn she
is (more than) half human.

She is a mix between a Golden Retriever (and who
doesn't LOVE a Golden?) and a poodle.

Ruby does not shed.

No really, she DOES NOT shed.

I double dog doodle dare you to walk through my house
with black pants on and rub your leg thoroughly
against her fur.

It will come up clean.

My kids begged for years to get a dog.

I resisted, until one fateful day last December
when I was researching Goldendoodles on the web.

I happened to look at KSL (online classified
ads) and there was Ruby's
smiling puppy face looking RIGHT.AT.ME.



It took me a total of 1 second flat to fall
in love with her picture and another 10 seconds
to tell my husband we were driving 40 minutes 
south of Salt Lake to look at (BUY) a puppy
for Christmas for the kids.

When we saw her it took us a total of another
1 seconds to fall in love with her in person.

She was THE dog.

She was OUR dog.

We loved her.

I LOVED her.

I, who had not wanted a dog for years and years,
LOVED HER.  I still do.

Ruby has been the perfect fit for our family.

Ruby came at the perfect time for our family.

Ruby makes us laugh when we're feeling down.

Ruby makes us happy when we feel sad.

Ruby makes hard days better and bad days brighter.

I triple dog doodle dare you not to fall 
in love with her if you meet her.

 Ruby playing in the fall leaves we raked up yesterday out back.

 Seriously, LOOK at her eyes!! She looks like a human dressed
up in a dog costume.  Look how she's sitting on her 'sisters' lap

And last but not least, Ruby getting a head message on the
kitchen counter.  Never fear, Kyle is a cleaning freak and the
counters were thoroughly cleaned before any cooking was done!

What have I got for today?

A Goldendoodle that we are extremely thankful for!


  1. That's fabulous! I couldn't imagine a large dog on the counter but she makes it work. I love dogs and have always thought doodles were so very cute. I remember years ago after having one of my cats put to sleep walking out of the exam room and there was a doodle in the waiting room. I hugged it and cried into its fur, it didn't seem to mind.
    I'm also not one to say anything about animals on the counter as my cats go where they want and I've given up on trying to tell then differently. I just buy a lot of Clorox wipes.
    Oh and my name is Michell (as in Michelle without the e). Thanks for sharing!