Wednesday, November 27, 2013


We just returned from the Huntsman Cancer Institute
and our visit with Dr Sharma (who ALWAYS has his
"serious face" on....he's a very serious Doctor,
perhaps cancer does that to you.
I told Kyle it would be a good
face for the inevitable day when we finally get
some bad news from him) 


Dr Sharma decided for us.

He said now was a good time to "take a chemo break"
and "enjoy the holidays" (all the while with his
serious face)

Kyle feels good about taking a break.

I, as usual, am torn.

For the big reason that when the years come
and the years go, I will be the one that
will be haunted by looking back and reliving
all of our decisions and wonder about all the
"what ifs".

So a break it is.

Hopefully the cancer decides to "take a break"
for about 6 weeks as well and sit dormant and inactive
and do nothing but soak up some Egg Nog
and Turkey Sandwiches over the holidays.

We would be very appreciative of that fact.

So cancer?   

Take a break!  (said with my most serious
Dr Sharma face on)

Now I'm off to do something normal today... bake a few pies and pretend I don't
have any worries.

Spreading some more fairy dust and looking
out the back window for a few more dancing

One can always hope, right?

We are officially "decided".

Here's hoping....

That's what I've got for everyone today.

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