Saturday, November 2, 2013

Getting down to business

Today I'm just doing a few updates on Kyle.

He had chemo yesterday, and it really wiped him
out.  I'm noticing that each round seems to be
a little harder on him, and his body and his
blood work.  

This is to be expected 8 months in.

It's hard for me to watch.  I like "regular"
Kyle, not "the guy named Mark who has cancer", Kyle.

(Inside joke.  His real name is Mark Kyle Nielson.
He's NEVER gone by Mark a day in his life. EVER.
But up at Huntsman, because on his insurance
--and everything 'legal'- he's Mark Kyle, they
have called him Mark since day 1.  It's Mark
they call in for blood work, and Mark they
call for Doctor appt's and Mark they call back
for chemo.  IF ONLY some random Mark Nielson
had cancer....and not Kyle.)

Monday Kyle has his "Mapping" procedure for
radiation (Y 90).  They called Friday while he
was at chemo and said it could run anywhere from
3-4 hours to 9-10 hours depending on how things
went.  I'm working, so his mom will go up 
with him.  

We are hoping for the shorter end of the spectrum,
but want to make sure everything is "mapped"
correctly and thoroughly, so if it takes the full
10 hours, it does.

Then next Friday he has his "last dose" of chemo
for a while, while his body gets ready for the
radiation (if it goes well Monday.)

Anything new makes me nervous, and with everything
they put into a cancer patients body, it's no wonder.

The range of results is always "good" to "death"
when you study the literature.  I guess it's "good"
to "death" when you get in your car each morning--
but it's not quite the same as inserting "poison"
PURPOSELY into ones own body, right?

In closing for today's post, we would like to ask
for a few extra prayers, good thoughts, rain dances
(However you commune with the God/the greater power/
the energy of the universe we will take it) on Kyle's
behalf for all his upcoming events.

So if you would be, and could be, willing to say an
extra prayer or two on our behalf over the course
of the next few days, we would appreciate it.  We're
hoping all goes well and will keep everyone posted.

Thanks to the many visitors at chemo yesterday.
I had the day off and was flying in and out for
job interviews and meetings with social workers
and seemed to have missed people left and right.

Thanks for your love and support.

That's the news for today.