Monday, November 25, 2013

Todays Post Brought to You by Dancing Unicorns and Fairy Dust....

Because no one can tolerate only heavy posts, right?

We all need a little Fairy Dust and some
Dancing Unicorns in our life.

We are one week out from Y 90 and Kyle texted me
at work today and said, "I *DO* have beads in there
right?"  "They *DID* put something in my liver?"
"Right?"  "Did they?"

Hard to say since I wasn't in the O.R. and 
I can't see inside his body...but that's 
what we were told.  We got the 10-4 that Y 90
was inserted and completed and A-OK.

We're not sure WHAT we expected, but we DID
expect SOMETHING after this procedure 

and well...

we've got nothing to report so far.  

As in nothing.  Literally nothing.

We feel like we're supposed to be waiting for
some "big ugly awful" pain, or feeling, or liver

hiccup, or pieces of Kyle's body falling out 
through his eyeballs or something.

Or some kind of violent side effects.

Something.  ANYTHING.

So far?  Well, again we've got NOTHING to report.

As in nothing.

We're not sure if "something" is still coming.

Anyone know?

We're not sure if this is a bad sign or a good
sign that we've got nothing.

But nothing is what we've got.

No pain, no fever, no infections, no cancery liver
chunks working their way out of his system.

Maybe the other shoe is still going to fall.

Maybe hallucinations and body aches and
chills and aches and pains and fevers are 

If so, we will face them when they get here.

If not?  I guess we count ourselves lucky.

In the meantime, tonight we dine on Fairy Dust
with a side of Dancing Unicorn.

We'll let you know how they are.

Anything is better than "post chemo greenish
grayish yellow" that we are used to here at our 

So for now, we will take Fairies and Unicorns
and a good recovery.

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