Monday, August 19, 2013

Fight To The Finish 5K

When Kyle was first diagnosed his friend Anne Smith
(who had a son pass away from liver cancer last year)
came to our house with A Giving Tree and a hug for us.

Talk about a sweet lady.  She is made of syrup. (In
a good way.)  If you know Miss Denise (our neighborhood
peeps), you know Ann.

The Giving Tree was made possible by the foundation
"Anything For A Friend".  It was a little ray of sunshine
during some very dark days. 

It was tied with Gift Cards, a small amount of money
(to do "fun things") and some messages of hope.

When Ann's son, Tyler,  was diagnosed his theme and 
mantra with his liver cancer became "Fight To The Finish."

And fight he did.

Given something like 6 months to live, he fooled everyone
and stuck around for about 14 months.

Ann, wanting to do something in his honor, decided this
year to start a 5K race.

All race profits would benefit Anything For a Friend
and Giving Trees.  (which are taken to as many cancer
patients as possible upon diagnosis).

They expected around 200 people to show up and had
a crowd nigh unto 1500 people.

Each group of people was dressed in colored "FTTF"
T Shirts. 

Team Kyle was "Superman Blue."  We had about 38 people
show up in support of cancer and fighting cancer and
this AMAZING charity organization.

The words spoken before the event brought tears to my
eyes.  And many other eyes as well.

The race honored those who had passed on before and those
who were "in the fight of their lives."  (Yup, that line
did my under!)

I was SO happy and thrilled to a part of something 
so much larger than myself.

Our entire family participated.  4 kids woke up at 5:45
to be in Ogden on time.  Many extended family, and 
friends of family, gave up a few
hours of their day on Saturday to support this cause.

We are SO grateful for your support!

A carload of Kyle's work associates piled in a car 
and drove up to run.

A few of Josh's friends (our "extra" sons) drove up
early on a Saturday morning to support Team Kyle and 
this cause as well.

We are THRILLED that so many showed up and that money
was raised to help people in the coming year.

We hope to be back next year as well.
It was a great day.  A fun crowd and an inspiring event.

Along with Tyler, Kyle is planning on "Fighting
to The Finish" as well.  *#(&@(^# Cancer!  (always)

Cancer is an ugly ugly thing.  A dark blanket in an 
otherwise good world.  A gnawing ache in my heart.
And the many hearts it touches.

BUT cancer is also a beautiful thing. (isn't it crazy
I typed that?)  The goodness and service and kindness
that I've seen spring from this hideous ugly disease
is beyond anything I've ever seen before in my life.

And that's what I've got for today~

 Grace took this shot and won first place
in the photography contest at the race for it.
A new pair of wireless earbuds.  Way to go Gray!

 Along the 5K race path there were pictures of
each person in the fight with cancer.  Some of
them had lost their battles, and some were still
fighting.  Kyle with his Team Kyle picture.

 Team Kyle....flipping the bird.  Would you expect
anything less? (It's sort of become our symbol)
We say "cancer", you say "flip!"  Kyle's 89 year
young Grandma came to support as well.  
Jack Josh Grace Tanner and Kyle.
Basically our children.  Real ones and a few spares.

Kyle and his work ladies.  Thanks so much for your
support Olympus Clinic employees.  It sure meant
A LOT to Kyle to have you come and show support
for not only a great cause, but for him as well.

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