Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting Schooled



NO Seriously, BE QUIET!

I've got something to tell you.

Zip it.

I like to make this blog about ME as much as possible.

Since MY HUSBAND is the one with cancer and all.

The latest News Flash from Casa Di Nielson
is that the Old Lady is going back to school this fall.

The Old Lady would be ME, in case that is a question
in anyone's mind. 


Lets take a look at what this means.

Josh, college at the U of U.

Grace, Jr in High School.

Eliza, Jr High School.  
She has been found, fixed and paid for.
I wish ALL my problems were that easy to fix right now.

Olivia, elementary school.  The "big" 5th G.

And ME?  I'm officially accepted into the BYU-I
online degree program called "Pathway".

It's for dumb old people people like me that never finished
(or started) college that want to go back.

Here are a few of the PRO's:

1. Cost.  $65 a credit hour vs. $200-ish at the U (I had
also been accepted at the U, but it was either Josh or me.
Couldn't afford both.)  Once I'm in, I get to keep the
$65 credit/hour price the entire time I'm finishing my 
degree.  That is a HUGE cost savings.  Do the math.  HUGE!

2.  Online.  The entire degree program (fully accredited)
is done via online classes.  The entire thing.  I can do
it from home.  I can do it when Kyle is still good (now), I
can do it when he gets not so good.  This is huge in
being able to be flexible.  Flexible is a VERY good thing
with an uncertain future.  Ours is about as uncertain as
things get.

3.  Time.  I have 8 years to complete it once I start without
being "penalized" or loosing any credits.  This means I can
go strong while time is good.  This also means that if I need
to drop out for a semester (or two) to nurse the Sick Guy, I
can.  And I can go back when that part is done.  I told
Kyle it would be great if he stuck around to see me graduate.

4. I think I only have 1, 2, and 3 for now.  They are 
pretty good numbers.

At the moment I can see no CONS, other than that it will
take me a little longer to finish college--but that's 
okay right now.  That is OKAY!  Time will still pass and
I will (some how) still finish.

My checklist is slowly getting checked off, a little at a time.

I feel overwhelmed and a little scared, but we are doing
this a step at a time.

Now to find a good part time flexible job.  My goal would
be to still attend chemo sessions with the Big Guy.  I never
get this time back, so I want to do as much with him as I
can...but I think it's time to find a job.  Money and 
experience are very good things right now.  And insurance.
And well, lots of things.

So if anyone hears of anything--keep this lady in mind!

Starting this fall? 5 out of the 6 Nielsons will be in 
school.  WOW!  I would've never thought this is where I
would be right now in my life.  (In so many ways.)

It may also be time for some anti-anxiety drugs for me.

Some days the stress of ALL of this is over whelming.

Baby Steps Dor, baby steps!  

That's what I've got for today.

Oh and Kyle? He's doing good---just in case anyone
wants to know! ;)


  1. Dorien- congrats on your decision to go back to college! This is one decision you will NEVER regret. This degree can sustain you in the future when you need to supoprt the family on your own. What are you going to study? I know BYU has an awesome graphic design program. With your awesome photography skills, your eye for decorating and your unique blogging abilities- that you should consider a future in professional design/blogging! But that's just my opinion. Good Luck!!

  2. This is a fabulous plan!!! We do have openings here for part time call-center agents. With it being part time I would think you could plan your time off for Chemo Fridays. You DO need to be there with Kyle. I still think you will be needing to submit this blog to a publisher and your book of support will provide you all the money you'll need in the future. I'm serious! Congrats on this one though. Agree with the post above!!!!

  3. Lisa--not sure. I started a million yrs ago as an English Major.
    I should know at 45 right? I have been thinking a lot (a lot) about what I want to do....

  4. love the picture of Josh and Grace!

  5. Good luck with school, that sounds like a great opportunity.